What is Methadone Abuse 800-303-2482

Just like any drug; methadone has been abused by many people. Although there are doctors who use this drug as a medication for many kinds of addiction, it is considered controversial due to some patients who get addicted to it instead of being totally free from drug abuse. There are different ways to use this drug. Some prefer taking it orally while there are some who take methadone intravenously. Speak with a substance abuse counselor and get any help you need at 800-303-2482.

Methadone comes in many names like Dolophine, Symoron, Amidone, Physeptone, Methadose, Phy, etc. It is an opioid that is also used as an analgesic to those who are treated for opioid dependency yet do not want to experience withdrawal syndrome. This however, is also one way for some patients to get a higher dose of methadone.

Methadone abuse is one of the issues debated by some institutions and groups. Although it helps patients get rid of their heroin addiction, they tend to divert their liking to methadone. It is very alarming to know that many patients who have been treated for years soon end up being methadone addicts. Methadone works by focusing on the pleasure centers inside the brain thus creating a feeling of happiness or comfort. This feeling is what most patients are after, leading them to addiction or abuse of the substance.

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